Radical Spirituality: Removing the Blocks to Love, Happiness and Peace of Mind!

“A Powerful Introduction to A Course in Miracles.” 

This is a 5 day course containing lessons on Relationships, Money, Purpose, Career and Healing utilizing A Course in Miracles principles, readings, meditation and prayer practices. Every morning for 5 days you’ll receive a series of videos discussing the topic of the day, the spiritual exercise and a meditation.

Chakras and Miracles: How the 7 Chakras and A Course in Miracles Can Bring You More Peace, Love and Abundance!

“Your Personal Road Map to Awakening.”

In this 7 week course you will explore the chakras and the healing principles of A Course in Miracles. This course contains valuable information about how the chakras operate and how we can use Love to heal the areas where we’re not experiencing our deepest Truth of Peace, Love and Abundance.

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