“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” -Ernest Holmes

The above statement sums up our relationships completely, they are a direct reflection of the energy, vibration and mental attitude that we carry AND project onto others. It is the deep thoughts, beliefs and judgements that we have of ourselves and others that yank people from half way across the world into our lives, it is these thought patterns that keep the loves of our lives at bay and it is this mental atmosphere that is our key to healthy relationships. So, whatever this “thing” is that you hold within you about relationships is going out into the universe and drawing these people, circumstances and experiences into your life. If you’re looking for greater fulfillment, harmony and peace in your relationships it is an inside job and starts right here, right now by realizing some key principles about relationships and applying the necessary practices.

I’ve broken relationships into three categories for the sake of simplicity and can help you wherever you feel you need to start.

Romantic Relationship:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Are you struggling with holding down a loving, committed relationship? Do you feel you’re constantly meeting Mr. Wrong and wondering why Mr. Right hasn’t arrived? Are you desiring a deeper love connection? Are you out dating for the first time or the first time in a long time?


Despite what you may believe about yourself and relationships I believe coaching can help you attract into your life the love you desire now. I believe there are only two reason that we don’t have the relationship we’re looking, either we’re not ready or that person isn’t ready. I can’t do anything about getting him or her here any faster but what I can do is help get you ready. Are you holding onto old hurts? Do you believe you’re unlovable? Are you a perfectionist that doesn’t believe what you want is out there? Or are you spiritually in an ideal place but the lover just hasn’t shown up yet? Maybe they’re on their way, maybe there’s something beneath the surface blocking love from finding you.


No matter your current circumstance you and I can create something that is in alignment with the vision you have for your life now.


The right conversation with the right person can change everything. Let’s talk!

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Family and Friends:

“If you want a friend, be a friend.”

Do you have trouble getting along with your parents or siblings? Is there that one who is constantly a challenge for you? Do you feel taken advantage of or used by family or friends? Or perhaps are your family and friends out of sight? Do you lack confidence to leave some of these? Are there relationships you’d like to heal? Or are you in a place to draw in new friends? Or maybe you’re in a new place physical or mentally and want to create a fulfilling bond with a group of like-hearted individuals?

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of family and friend relationships changes can be achieved and just like all relationships the changes start within. There are a couple key lessons in relationships to help you regardless of your challenges. We will start with taking ownership for what happens around you and developing the confidence to let a “no” mean “no” and a “yes” mean “yes.” We will also work with where our judgements and expectations of others and where we need healing work we will heal. The most important thing to realize is that while we can’t change others we can change our perception of them and whether or not to have them in our life. I’ve witnessed the toughest relationships heal and toxic relationships end peacefully. I’ve seen the changes within my clients create a spiritual chain-reaction in all of their relationships giving them a life they never thought possible.

No matter what you’re dealing with we can begin now to make the inner changes that create outer changes. You can live a life where relationships are in harmony, full of love and are fulfilling.

The right conversation with the right person can change everything. Let’s talk!

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Professional Relationships

We choose our lovers, we choose our friends and we choose to spend time with our family. (Believe it or not!) But what about those relationships with colleagues, bosses, teachers, professors and people in general that we don’t necessarily choose to be around. This presents an interesting challenge for us when we have the dream job but not the dream boss or are dealing with a difficult professor whose class we have to take. You may be dealing with just one difficult person or dozens of difficult people but the truth is that each one of them is still a reflection of something unhealed within yourself.

I believe that through proper coaching and the healing and accepting of these attitudes within ourselves we can create lasting changes in our lives. We will look deeply at what you’ve created in your life and set forth a new attitude that will bring changes no matter how subtle or grandeur they may need to be. From dealing with a nasty teacher to a frustrating boss we can look at it and change it.

The right conversation with the right person can change everything. Let’s talk!

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