Miracle Mindset Course

5 Day Live Group Coaching Event!


Are you ready for a miraculous life? Derek Raymond Marmon’s 5 day Miracle Mindset Course is a crash course in learning and applying the principle of A Course in Miracles. In a live group coaching setting Derek will use his expertise to guide you in shifting from fear to love and creating miracles in your life. Over 5 days Derek will take you on an experiential journey using principles, meditations and prayers proven to create shifts in your life that will bring you the life you were born to live! Whether it’s your self-esteem, anxiety, relationships, health, career or finances a miracle is right around the corner.

“Miracles are natural, when they haven’t occurred something has gone wrong.”

A Course in Miracles

Are Seeking and Not Finding?

Do you feel frustrated with life, with your mistakes, your past and everything that could’ve been? Do you find yourself dreaming of another world or another life that seems out of reach to you? Are you seeking answers that your parents, friends and mentors don’t have? Are you seeking healing that your therapist can’t provide? Is there something deeply personal that a book just can’t help with?

These are pretty tough questions, I know but they are exactly the questions that led me A Course in Miracles and creating this 5 day event:

I used to wake up every morning dreaming of the person I knew I could be but I had been so stuck in my rut that any action out of my circumstance felt out of character and impossible. My relationships were off, I’d been stung by heartbreak and I was closed off to any and all love, be it a partner, family, friend or colleagues. My relationship with money was toxic, I could manifest but I couldn’t save and I misused what I had. My relationship with my body was toxic, I pumped it full of bad foods, alcohol and drugs. And deep down I knew I was better than this, I knew there was something inside me just begging, no, screaming to get out and be free. My life had once seemed great then I went through a traumatic experience where I came face to face with the ugliness life can offer and the Truth within myself. This journey led me to the incredible text, the often called New Age Bible, A Course in Miracles.

“Miracles are natural, when they haven’t occurred something has gone wrong.”

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles teaches that you DESERVE miracles and that’s why I’ve created this class, together we will take WHATEVER your problem and bring forth a miracles.

This course is for anyone who wants to bring deep changes to their life.

Day One: Your Split Personality

Day Two: Relationships

How Are You In These Areas?

Day Three: The Body

Day Four: Career

Day Five: The Final Vision

What Do You Get?

Two Coaching Sessions

Derek wants to provide a highly personalized course for everyone in the group! This includes TWO coaching sessions, one prior to the class and one after the class to provide the best experience possible! Your first step will be scheduling your initial call with Derek!

$250 Value

5 Days Group Coaching

l tool for helping you get to the next level in your journey. It allows for several great minds to come together and where “an idea is shared it is strengthened!” Together we will explore The Course and apply it to our lives with the love, support and wisdom of a group.

$1,250 Value

Miracle Workbook!

I have compiled a beautiful workbook full of space for notes, Course quotes, homework and thought provoking questions. Here you will journal your experiences and insight AND miracles. you offer

$100 Value

All for the LOW Price of $399

What People Have Said About the Miracle Mindset Course:

“Derek has completely changed my life, his wisdom, practical approach and humor has turned my world around.”

Kylie Alexander, Scottsdale

Money Back Guarantee!

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