Welcome! I’m Derek.

Spiritual Teacher and Miracle Mindset Coach

I believe if you’re not living the life of your heart’s desire there’s a BIG problem! 

The Universe means for you to experience Peace, Happiness and Love in your relationships, your career, your health, your finances, your purpose and overall well-being! In fact I believe that the Universe is programmed to bring you everything that would lead you to the fullest and highest expression of your life right now!

Just as an acorn seed carries within it all the wisdom to become an oak tree and just as the embryo contains within it all the wisdom to become a baby there is a seed of Truth within you that can give you a life and way of living beyond your imagination! 

So, why aren’t you experiencing all the Peace, Happiness, Love and Joy you desire?

For one BIG reason, the acorn seed can’t say NO to becoming an oak tree but YOU and I can say no to becoming who were meant to be!

We say NO to the Gifts of the Universe every time we judge, cling to the past, cling to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and every day we start without first surrendering our life to the Universe!

We say no to the Universe everytime we choose to identify with our limitations and not with the unlimited nature of the Universe!

We say no to the Universe when we let the loudness of the world tell us WHO WE ARE instead of listening to the STILLNESS within!

Miracle Mindset Coaching is my own unique blend of coaching based on my training and experience as a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach. 

Miracle Mindset Coaching is for you if:

✓ You have some past issues that you’d like to be free of once and for all

 ✓You feel called to greatness but have a few challenges holding you back

✓ There is a past pain, hurt or trauma holding you back from the life you could live

✓ You want to build more loving, compassionate and passionate relationships!

✓ You want to achieve a more abundant life

✓ You have anxieties and frustrating that hold you back from living your best life

✓OR maybe you just know you are capable of living life at a different level!

✓ Whatever the challenge or goal, I am here to help you.

During our time together I will teach you the ….

✓ 5 Step Shift from Fear to Love Technique

✓ How to Design Your Ideal Spiritual Practice

✓ How to really forgive everyone and everything

✓ Access your deepest intuitive abilities

✓ How to place your future in God’s hands while creating a bright future

✓ How to place yourself in service and make money

✓ How to create Holy relationships

✓ How to view your body and it’s magnificence

✓ Discover your true purpose

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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