“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow larger than your faith.” -Mary Morrissey

I’ve found that the areas where we struggle to grow the most are the areas where we have the deepest attachments and it’s no surprise this is the area many of us struggle with the most. We are human beings AND spiritual beings which means we need to attend both our physical and spiritual needs. You need food, water and shelter to live and you need a steady income to thrive and achieve your goals. However, money, just like everything else in our lives is a direct reflection of our thoughts, words, actions and overall mental attitudes about money and finances.

Where are you blocked? Are you struggling with the basics? Does money seem to come and go without any hope in sight? Are you stuck in a dead end job? Struggling to leave the 9-5 to chase your entrepreneurial dream? Are you a coach without paying clients? Are you a salesman struggling to hit quota? Or maybe a salesman struggling to reach your personal quota?

Wherever you are stuck with money, I can help you uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the financial freedom you seek.  If you are looking for a raise, a new career, debt paid, clients, patients or sales…we can work together to achieve that now. I have designed a series of coaching sessions around the same principles that all successful people have used to create the life of their dreams. Together we will examine the limiting beliefs, instill new ones and work on cooperative action steps to get your where you want to be. ­­

Whether it’s a raise or a life on the beach sipping mai tais we can get you there.

The right conversation with the right person can change everything. Let’s talk!

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