The teachers of God have trust in the world, because they have learned it is not governed by the laws the world made up. – A Course in Miracles

I knew a long time ago that I had the skill set for helping people overcome challenges, I knew it when I was a young kid and people would come to me for advice and I knew it when I had my first client. 

My experience comes from 10 years of study, training and daily listening to the voice of God that speaks to us all. I’ve led meditation classes, workshops and have cultivated an ability to hear what a client is truly saying and seeing what’s really happening. I’ve had my own mentor for years and I know first hand the value of having a wiser brother or sister to guide you along the path and help shift your perception, heal and experience miracles.

If you feel like I could be a good fit for you complete the form below, we’ll have a quick chat about what’s going on and I’ll share how I can help. The first call is free and those after are $125 per session.*

There is A Course in Miracles principle that states “no one should be turned away for inability to pay” which I honor with sincere reverence. Email me personally at with “scholarship” in the heading and we’ll set up coaching sessions.

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