What is spiritual counseling?

Here to Support You on Your Journey.

Spiritual Counseling combines the best of life coaching and psychotherapy with an emphasis on the human soul. This counseling technique involves thought provoking questions, spiritual teaching and spiritual practice. The spiritual counselor’s aim is to help you uncover the root of the problem, discover the spiritual solution and support you in creating whatever miracle in needed in your life.

Spiritual Counseling Can Support you With:


Are you experiencing a challenging relationship or looking for new relationships? Whether familial or romantic I can support you in more love, intimacy and healing. 

Career, Money, Purpose

Our Are you struggling to find your place in the world of career? If you’re looking to find your vocational purpose or for support in your current vocation I can support you with spiritual solutions.


Are you looking for assistance with meditation, prayer or other spiritual direction? I teach meditation, prayer and A Course in Miracles principles.

something else on your mind?

I also counsel couples, people grieving, students of A Course in Miracles and many other challenges you might be facing.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute Miracle Mindset session to learn more about you and find out how I can help. We’ll discuss your challenges, how spiritual counseling works and how I can help.

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