In quietness all things are answered.A Course in Miracles

It is self-evident looking around this world that it is not our home, there is a reason we feel anger, sadness, and outrage when we look around the world and see all it’s suffering. Whether the suffering is personal heartaches or global catastrophes, somewhere in our minds we know this place is not our home and a quiet voice is constantly reminding us that there is another place. Some of us deny this voice, some of us cast it aside as nonsense but some of us hear it and know that it is true. According to A Course in Miracles, God did not create the world we see, how could He? How could a God that loves His children create a world with so much suffering? Why would God give us illness, poverty, and war? He would not. In A Course in Miracles we learn that the world we see is in fact an hallucination, it is a veil hiding the Real world, the world that God has created for us but while here on earth it is hard to see because we have been conditioned to see fear, to see isolation, separation and the complete opposite of God’s world. Our world is not real, but God’s is very real.

The aim of A Course in Miracles is inner peace and inner peace is obtained by releasing our belief in the ego’s thought system of fear and guilt and the reminding of God’s thought systems of love and our innocence. We have been trained from birth or even prior to birth to think with fear, we’ve inherited this thought system as we entered the world and it’s unnatural way of thinking and being has become the way we think. But many of us can sense, we can feel deep down in our being that this is not the way it’s supposed to be, the children of God are not supposed to experience illness, poverty and war. We are not meant to go through life feeling isolated and small. We are the Children of God and are meant to have lives of Peace, Love, Freedom and Abundance, we are meant to be heirs to God’s good and experience heaven here on earth. It is as if we sit in heaven already but there is a mist around us that we have mistaken for Reality. But how do we change this? How do we move beyond the mist into the Kingdom of God and experience the riches He would have us have? How do we exchange war for peace? How do we exchange hatred for love? How do we cease lacking and instead embrace Abundance? How do we do this for our individual selves and for the collective?

When this world was birthed God placed within each one of us a memory of home and it is this memory that constantly but quietly speaks to us, telling us “there is another way,” reminding us of the truth  of who we are and the Peace, Love, Freedom and Abundance that is ours by birthright. It’s that same voice that amid chaos says, “this can’t be real,” because it knows this world is not real and that a beautiful horizon exists awaiting nothing but our recognition. Surely, you have felt this memory call to you, surely, you have had moments of silence or moments of tenderness that whispered in various words “there is another way.

This memory, this Voice for God that exists within us is not loud but is quiet and gentle. Meditation and moments in silence are the key to hearing it more clearly, the key to it’s reminder of who we are and the key to receiving God’s guidance for how we should think, speak and behave in our lives. A committed daily meditation practice is the key to remembering our home and experiencing heaven on earth now.

Let us pray:

Dear God,

At times, the world I see all around me is of pain and suffering. I see it in my life, I see it the lives of my family and friends and it is undeniably true for many of your children around the world.

I realize now that I have heard Your memory calling me and refused it, I have at other times heard Your memory calling me and embraced it. I know the world I see around me is an hallucination, a veil hiding the Real world which you have created for your children.

Dear God, I no longer wish to see suffering in my life or the lives of your children, I ask you to enter my mind and change my vision. Help me to remember, help me to see, help me to feel the world you have made.

Where I see war, show me Peace.

Where I see sorrow, show me Comfort.

Where I see lack, show me Abundance.

Where I see illness, show me Wholeness.

Where I see sadness, show me Joy.

Where I see confusion, show me Clarity.

Where I do not know the way, Dear God, guide me.


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A quick bit about me: I am a trained spiritual life coach with experience facilitating workshops, giving inspirational talks, officiating weddings and counseling. I have a strong background in metaphysics and have been trained in how to use meditation, prayer and counseling to facilitate great change within my clients. I am a student of all faiths and have spent time studying Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and many modern religions in the New Thought umbrella. I am currently studying to become a Minister and Counselor of the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. Feel free email me directly for any questions: 


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