Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong. – A Course in Miracles

According to the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles, which is often been dubbed the New Age Bible or Third Testament, miracles first occur in consciousness as corrections in misthinking. More often said a miracle is a “shift in perception from fear to Love,” when this happens we stop hallucinating that this world of fear is all there is, we stop thinking that we are limited and isolated selves born only to die and are reminded that we are the children of God and our True Selves are Love and Eternal. Although this first takes place in consciousness The Course adds that a miracle “may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which your are not even aware.” This is the case because in Truth there is no YOU, ME or THEM, there is only US and we are One mind and when one of us shift from fear to Love or rather return to our natural state of Love the Whole is impacted and the miracle will produce these “undreamed of changes.” In the Bible we read of many miracles, Moses parting the Red Sea to Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead and of course, Jesus’s resurrection. Both Moses and Jesus had minds that were tuned into the Voice of God, both Moses and Jesus had faith and could see the past the veil of fear and ego that plagued the minds of many. It was their inner vision that allowed them to create these miracles.

So, how do create miracles in our lives? We first begin by realizing that the world we see is an illusion, it is a projection of fear and not the Real world of Love that God created. Secondly, when we find ourselves in situations where we are perceiving fear instead of Love we ask for God’s help. We do not just pretend we see something that we’re not currently seeing, we ask for God to show us the Truth, to show us the Abundance beyond the apparent poverty, to show us the healing beyond the sickness, to show us the peace beyond the chaos and to correct our thinking so that we might see as He would have us see. When we find ourselves in the middle of an argument with a friend, family member or colleague it’s as simple as saying “Dear God, I’m angry right now, I’m frustrated with this person, please, help me see the Love within them.” At times, the shift will come instantly and at other times it may take longer but I’ve found that the more you want to give up your misperceptions the faster the miracle comes. The Course add that “you do not ask too much of life, but far too little.”

Today we shall ask for more, let us pray:

Dear God,

I see now that I have not been seeing at all.

I have been looking at the world through a lens of fear and I realize now that fear is not mandated by You, that You did not create a meaningless world of fear; You have not created anxiety, poverty, illness, disharmony or suffering of any sort.

And yet, I realize that I don’t quite see the world you’ve created, I don’t see the Peace, the Abundance, the Wholeness, the Harmony or Love that you have made plenty for your children.

I see at times and then at other times it seems to resolve back to fear.

Dear God, I give to you my thoughts of fear, I give to you my thoughts of isolation, anxiety and my thoughts that I am nothing but a body and a small separated self.

Dear God, I ask you to correct my thinking, I invite you into my mind and ask that it be healed of these illusions. I ask that you forgive my mistaken perception and correct it.

Dear God, please, show me the Peace, Abundance, Wholeness, Harmony and Love that is mine by birthright. Come into my mind and where there seems to be separation bring me Unity and Oneness.

Dear God, I would not keep these thoughts of fear, I hand them over to you joyously asking to be set free from these limitations.

I ask for a miracle today, I ask that you guide my thoughts, my words, my actions, and that where I experience suffering you bring me Peace.

Dear God, on this day I refuse thoughts of fear and I embrace thoughts of Love knowing they are my natural thoughts, I soften into my True Self, I open up to experiencing the softer, kinder, gentler, peaceful version of myself that You made.


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A quick bit about me: I am a trained spiritual life coach with experience facilitating workshops, giving inspirational talks, officiating weddings and counseling. I have a strong background in metaphysics and have been trained in how to use meditation, prayer and counseling to facilitate great change within my clients. I am a student of all faiths and have spent time studying Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and many modern religions in the New Thought umbrella. I am currently studying to become a Minister and Counselor of the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. Feel free email me directly for any questions: derekraymondmarmon@gmail.com 


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