What you see reflects your thinking, and your thinking reflects the choice of what you want to see. – A Course in Miracles

Our thoughts create our reality, they are powerful forces that dictate our behavior and tell the Universe what to send (or not send) into our experience. Many of our thoughts are negative and stem from fear because the predominant thought system of this planet is fear and we inherit that when we are born. Before inheriting this thought system of fear, we were beings of Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Freedom. We lacked for nothing. We were One with God and each other. Thinking along the lines of Love and therefore acting and attracting from this state of Love is our natural way of being. It is in our nature to love one another, to forgive one another, to help one another and create a world where Love is the predominant thought system.  This is why we feel guilt when we think unloving thoughts and do unloving things, this is why it gnaws at us to apologize when we’ve said something unkind or did something that hurt someone. Our pain comes when we choose against our own nature. Now, when that guilt from having chosen wrong stirs up inside our being and body we need to get rid of it. The healthy and spiritually sane thing to do is to give these thoughts up to God to take from us. However, most of us will instead search out guilt and project our own guilt onto others. When we do this it offsets the pain we’re in by “giving” it to someone else but eventually the pain returns and often strengthened by this constant process.

The world around you is mirroring back the thoughts that you are thinking, if you have been thinking with fear then you will see reasons to be afraid all around you. If you are thinking with thoughts of Love, then you will see evidence of Love all around you. God has made us in His likeness and image (meaning He has made us from Love) but has also given us free will which means we get to choose Love or fear in any given moment. And just as God loves His creations, we love ours which is why it is so hard to give up things we’ve manifested because deep down, on some level we want to keep them because they are our creations. That could be a financial challenge, a health challenge, loneliness, relationship struggles or whatever suffering you have managed to manifest. Not all your manifestations belong 100% to you as we are all co-creating this life together, but you can at any moment decided to think with Love instead of fear. You are not alone in experiencing the effects of your seeing and as you shift your perception from fear to love you will create miracles. These miracles will be felt and seen by you but since humanity is One there will be shifts that you cannot see. Our minds are powerful, there are no neutral thoughts and our experience of the world is entirely up to us. Think with Love and experience love. Think with fear and experience fear. What do you want to see?


Dear God,

I recognize that I have a choice, to think with fear and experience fear or think with Love and experience Love.

Please enter my mind and guide my thoughts today, where there seems to be fear please transform it in my mind into Love. When I am alone, with friends, with colleagues and strangers please help me to see their true nature of Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Freedom.

Dear God, there are no thoughts of fear, isolation, limitation or anxiety that I would keep. I had them over to you for transformation. Again, I would keep none of them.

Instead I accept my True Self as Love and choose to think thoughts of Love, where kindness is needed I shall be kind, where forgiveness is needed I shall forgive, where Your words are needed let me speak them.

Dear God, help me to see the world as you would have me see it.


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A quick bit about me: I am a trained spiritual life coach with experience facilitating workshops, giving inspirational talks, officiating weddings and counseling. I have a strong background in metaphysics and have been trained in how to use meditation, prayer and counseling to facilitate great change within my clients. I am a student of all faiths and have spent time studying Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and many modern religions in the New Thought umbrella. I am currently studying to become a Minister and Counselor of the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. Feel free email me directly for any questions: derekraymondmarmon@gmail.com 


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