God is but Love, and therefore so am I. – A Course in Miracles

According to A Course in Miracles there exists within each of us two separate selves and it is the warring of these two selves that cause all our problems. There is a self that was made by God and is the Truth of who we are, and it is Love, pure Love and Peace. Then there is a self that was made by us, a limited small self that believes it is separate from everything and everyone, this is the ego. When we are thinking with Love then we act with Love and experience Heaven on earth because we are being our True Self and our True Self is a miracle worker who’s thoughts transform their atmosphere. When we are thinking with fear and acting from a place of fear or separateness, we are creating hell for ourselves for our mind’s are powerful and every thought creates on some level. Every moment we have a choice to either think with Love or think with fear, when we think with Love there is an inner calm and miracles seem to take place all around us. When we think with fear, we feel anxiety, stress, jealousy and many variations of feeling small, separated and isolated from our True Self. The turmoil we often feel is directly related to rejecting our True Self in favor of our small, separated ego-self.

It is these two thought systems, love and fear that require our attention as we must learn to tune into the thought system of Love if we are to create the life God would have us experience. The key to leaning into this thought system of love is in a serious daily spiritual practice. A practice that includes time in deep silence, sincere prayer and an openness to the Voice of God within us. It is important that we take time each day to hear the Voice of God, to ask for guidance and even more, to ask that God be in charge of our thoughts throughout the day. When we lovingly hand our thoughts, word and actions over to Him we will feel a sense of relief throughout the day and see miracles all around us.

Morning Prayer:

Dear God,

I ask that you be in charge of my thoughts today, I ask that you enter my mind and lead me in the ways of Peace and Love that I may be more of my True Self today.

I ask that you take from me my thoughts of littleness, I give to you my ego thoughts of separateness, anger, jealousy and despair.

I ask that You be with me now and throughout my day, guiding my thoughts, guiding my words and guiding my actions in the name of Love and Peace.

I surrender to Your Will God knowing that Your Will is mine also.

I would have only Love and Peace and will not defend me ego today.

Bless me with your Love, Peace, Strength, Abundance and Joy and free me of all suffering today.


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A quick bit about me: I am a trained spiritual life coach with experience facilitating workshops, giving inspirational talks, officiating weddings and counseling. I have a strong background in metaphysics and have been trained in how to use meditation, prayer and counseling to facilitate great change within my clients. I am a student of all faiths and have spent time studying Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and many modern religions in the New Thought umbrella. I am currently studying to become a Minister and Counselor of the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. Feel free email me directly for any questions: derekraymondmarmon@gmail.com 


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